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  • Fantastic Team  v.1.0Free platform action game by Choose any of three popular heroes, Mario, Sonic or Alladin and start the addictive game! Jump, kill the enemies and collect coins to score points. Three fantastic levels with thrilling graphics and ...
  • Lines Hires  v.1.20Lines are a classic puzzle game. The aim of the game is to score points by aligning figures of the same shape.
  • Jewel Zone  v.1.0Highly Relaxing game.Swap jewels and align them in a line. When 3 or more jewels are aligned in a line, the jewels are cleared and you score points.Two game modes,Endless levels with hundreds of backdrops, exquisite jewel graphics and pleasing music ...
  • Mobile Lines  v. game with simple rules for mobile devices with .NET Compact Framework 2.0. Put 5 colored balls in one line and get score points.
  • 3D Collapser Deluxe  v.2.0In this game you score points by clicking and thus detonating like-colored blocks that are in clusters. You can play Collapser 3D in Classic, Strategy, Puzzle or the new Remover, Advanced and Modern mode! Just imagine - 6 games in one!
  • Five Card Deluxe  v.1.0If you like solitaire or poker then you'll love Five Card Deluxe! Place cards to form poker hands and score points. Play one of the four modes and find your favorite!
  • UFO Blast  v.naShoot down as many flying ufos as you can without getting killed to score points. ufos shoot bombs, one hit and the game resets. Have fun.
  • Nuclear Bike  v.1.0Ride your sports bike through a rocky terrain and reach the flag! Complete levels as fast as possible to achieve maximum score points. Maximize your score by collecting bonuses and performing stunts, such as a 360 degree flip or a wheelie!
  • Lines Deluxe  v.1.0Lines Deluxe is a take on the classic Lines game. Your goal is to align balls into lines of the same color by moving the balls on the game board. Aligning five balls of the same color lines, will wipe them off the board and you will score points.
  • Must Die  v.1.1First-person 3D arcade shooter game with non-stop adrenaline-pumping gameplay. You must stay as long as possible on fighting pits against hordes of evil monsters. Multi kill combo system is used to increase your score points.
  • Fives and Threes  v.1.4Fives and Threes is a networked dominoes game for up to four players, although it works equally well when played alone. The object being to score points by playing your dominoes so that the open ends of the line add up to multiples of 5 and/or 3.
  • Egg Rotation  v.1.0The objective of Egg Rotation is simple. Link 3 eggs or more of the same color to score points. The more eggs you link, the more points you score. Click on any 2 eggs which are adjacent to one another to switch their positions.
  • Moving Nowhere  v.1.314Moving Nowhere Game. The object of the game is to score points by having all of your buttons farther away from another button. Scopre Points and Move Nowhere!
  • Caribbean Puzzle  v.1.2Relax on a sunny Caribbean beach while playing a simple and fun seashell collecting game! The idea is simple - drag the seashells around to arrange groups of three or more identical shells in order to collect them and score points.
  • Sidewalk Surfer  v.1.0Sidewalk Surfer is an old school style platform skateboarding game. In this game, you arent trying to score points, better yet, you are just trying to survive! You can kickflip, shuvit, grab and grind your way through many deadly obsticle courses.
  • Title Bout Boxing Quiz  v.1.1.6Part graphical boxing game and part trivia game. Use boxing trivia questions to throw punches and score points and watch as your own screen fighter lands blows or misses them. 1000 questions included with background information.
  • Future Snooker  v.1.01Future Snooker is a futuristic sports game. Played on a circular table players score points by firing a glassy cue-ball into a pack of ball to knock them off the table and score points.
  • Widgets  v.1.0.12In this arcade puzzle game you clear boards of widgets, linking them into chains to score points. Easy to learn but tough to master, the subtlety of the game play will have you hooked as you devise new strategies for making large chains of Widgets.
  • Basketball Screen sa  v.ver 1.0Basketball Free Screensaver. Photos slideshow. Basketball screensaver. This free screensaver contains many pictures of Basketball. Basketball is a team sport in which two teams of five active players each try to score points against one another by ...
  • Wutch  v.1.3Wutch is an unusual card game that involves matching picture cards in various combinations to score points. You (a mere Human) must play against two Computer opponents. The ultimate winner of a game is the player who has collected the most money from ...
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  • Wheel Of Fortune This game consists of three rounds, during which you need to
  • Ten Thousand Dice Ten Thousand Dice - A Game of Temptation and Chance for up
  • 3D Collapser Deluxe In this game you score points by clicking and thus
  • Aatif's Game Aatif's Game provides you with an interesting puzzle
  • Fives and Threes Fives and Threes is a networked dominoes game for up to four
  • Text Twist Text Twist 2.13 is a game supporting you a scrambled six
  • Fantastic Team Free platform action game by Choose
  • Basketball Screen sa Basketball Free Screensaver. Photos slideshow. Basketball
  • Nuclear Bike Ride your sports bike through a rocky terrain and reach the
  • Lines Deluxe Lines Deluxe is a take on the classic Lines game. Your goal
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